Episode 55: City Council Debate Part 2

Cameron Smyth News

Among the many things to vote for in the upcoming election, it is arguable that the one which will affect the residents most directly is the City Council Election.  The City Council does nothing less than determine the future of Santa Clarita and the quality of life that each and every resident of the city will experience.  There are more than 200,000 residents in Santa Clarita and it is now the third largest city in Los Angeles County.   Sadly, in the past the fate of the city has been decided by only a handful of residents that have chosen to vote when the city would hold the Council’s election.

That all could change this year since the election has been moved to November alongside the presidential and congressional ballot as well as the many other contests which are happening at the same time.   Voter turnout should be dramatically different and the results for the city council right now are anybody’s call.

Eleven candidates have filed to be on the ballot for two open positions on the council.

Both of these debates were held on Saturday October 1st.   All of the candidates were contacted and all except Matthew Hargett rsvp’ed they would attend.   To accommodate so many candidates in a podcast discussing so many worthwhile topics, it became necessary to divide the candidates in to two podcasts for two reasons, to hopefully give everyone adequate time and also to avoid possible confusion as to which candidate was saying what.

In this podcast, we are featuring  Mark white, Tim Ben Boydston, Alan Ferdman,  and Cameron Smyth.Bob Kellar had committed to this appearance but had to bow out at the last minute due to a family emergency.

I have been following the multitude of candidate forums for the City Council race as best I can. In this debate, I tried to do many different things. I wanted to hit as many hot button issues as possible but at the same time try to avoid the exact same questions that the candidates had been experiencing at the many forums they had already attended. Also, unlike the forums, I wanted this to be a true debate and give each candidate a chance for rebuttal if they wanted to.    Unfortunately, due to time constraints I simply couldn’t address every single topic I had listed or question that was submitted to be asked.   But I do think that both of these debates will give you some unique insight in regards to the candidates and where they stand on issues.