Get Out the Vote – and Use Both, for Smyth and Kellar

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Editorial from The Signal: The Newspaper’s Opinion

We’ve never endorsed two-thirds of the field in a City Council election – until now.

With just three candidates for two council seats on the April 13 ballot, there’s a good chance many Santa Claritans will in fact vote for two-thirds of the field.

We encourage you to do so: Go to the polls, use both of your votes, and use them for the incumbents, Bob Kellar and Cameron Smyth.

That’s nothing against the lone challenger, Henry Schultz. He’s a well-meaning an intelligent aspirant to the City Council – but when you’re in the business of making political endorsements, you choose those candidates with whom you most agree on the major issues of a given campaign.

For us, those candidates in 2004 are Smyth and Kellar.

We believe in the promotion of the economic development of the Santa Clarita Valley, coupled with a realistic approach to growth. The answer to our valley’s infrastructure problems isn’t to “pull up the drawbridge” and artificially stop growth; rather, new development must be allowed on the condition that it is sensibly planned and is accompanied by appropriate roads, schools and other public improvements.

Smyth and Kellar have proven themselves to be more than capable advocates of a sensible approach to the growth and economic development of our community. Further, both Smyth and Kellar were key figures in the council’s decision over the past couple of years to put the local trash contracts out to an open bid process – overcoming stiff political opposition and eventually saving taxpayers at least $30 million.

That’s not to say we’ve agreed with them on every issue over the past four years. There have been notable instances in which we have disagreed, and said so. That’s part of the natural relationship between a community newspaper and local elected officials.

On the whole, though, we believe Kellar and Smyth are the two candidates best equipped to deal with the very important issues that face Santa Clarita: Growth, infrastructure, economic development and the ongoing efforts to improve municipal services and facilities in the face of extraordinary budget challenges resulting from the state’s fiscal crisis.

They need your support to be ensured of getting re-elected. With just three names on the ballot, an all-time low, turnout could be at an all-time low, too – and the challenger has a dedicated cadre of supporters who plan to “bullet vote” for him, using only one vote each rather than casting one for Schultz and one for either Smyth or Kellar.

Smyth and Kellar will provide sensible leadership, at a time when we have an acute need for it. Please vote on April 13 – and use both votes available to you, for Cameron Smyth and Bob Kellar.

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