KHTS Editorial: Our Choices For Santa Clarita City Council, Kellar & Smyth

Cameron Smyth News

KHTS believes there are only two candidates who can be effective City Councilmen, Bob Kellar and Cameron Smyth.

Current City Councilman Bob Kellar is also our current Mayor. We’ve known Bob extremely well during the twenty-six years we’ve resided in Santa Clarita. We’ve traveled with him on several occasions to Washington DC, to fight for keeping the Cemex mine from destroying the eastern portion of our valley. We’ve worked with him on developing programs for our youth, especially our at-risk kids. We’ve been with him on many occasions in Sacramento, battling our state on many diverse issues including education, water, high speed rail, the cross valley connector, funding for our domestic violence and other mental health programs, to mention just a few.

We’ve seen how easily Bob works with City staff and how much they respect him. We watched Bob sacrifice his real estate business in order to put additional countless hours into the task of improving our Valley. Bob’s number one priority is protecting our valley. He is the one on the front lines, usually behind the scenes, advocating with the County, the State and our Federal Government to make certain Santa Clarita remains as one of the best communities to raise a family. Bob is one council-member we don’t want to lose.

We believe there is only one other candidate who will not only fit in harmony with the others, he will bring a unique perspective and leadership. Cameron Smyth previously served on our City Council. He was our former Mayor before becoming our California State Assemblyman for six years. After terming out of the Assembly, Cameron left politics, entering the private sector and devoted his free time to his young family. Now, he’s ready to serve again. Cameron has proven he can work well with staff. He knows the issues impacting our valley and with his six-year stint as our State Assemblyman, he has no learning curve to climb and can bring a new perspective tackling some of the pricklier issues in Sacramento that directly impact Santa Clarita.

Cameron currently has children in our public schools. He’s driving them to soccer practice, school activities and chatting with other parents. He is bringing a unique perspective to City Council, having seen our valley from a variety of perspectives, as a parent, a citizen, our former City Councilman and Mayor and as our State Assemblyman.

So as you work your way down the ballot, take a moment to reflect on your most important vote, the one that will have the most direct impact on you and your family. Make the smart choice for City Council. We believe that choice is Bob Kellar and Cameron Smyth.

KHTS AM-1220 is also urging you to vote for Congressman Steve Knight for United States Congress, Scott Wilk for State Senator, Kathryn Barger as our County Supervisor, Dante Acosta for the California State Assembly; and Mayor Bob Kellar and former Assemblyman and City Council member/mayor Cameron Smyth for City Council.