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Cameron Smyth News

By Tammy Marashlian
Signal Staff Writer

State Assemblyman Cameron Smyth discussed his experience as a freshman in Sacramento to members of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce during the Quarterly Membership Luncheon yesterday.

Smyth-R, representing the 38th Assembly district, which includes Santa Clarita, said of serving on the Environmental Safety and Toxic Committee, “I never knew how many things could kill me. The greatest threat to me is me.”

Even though his comment stirred laughter from chamber members, Smyth went on to explain his frustration by saying, “The concept of banning everything and protecting us from ourselves seems to be the mentality of the ivory hills of Sacramento.” He gave a list of examples, ranging from the banning of a chemical found in artificial butter used in popcorn to certain types of light bulbs, to elaborate on his point about banning substances.

He said that bills like those, and the failed bill that wanted to ban spanking, prevent lawmakers from dealing with what matters. “There are so many major issues going on in California, but look at what is being focused on,” Smyth said, adding that bills like banning chemicals in popcorn are getting the most attention.

Regardless of his frustrations, Smyth went on to say that he is “thankful and appreciative” for the opportunity to serve as an assemblyman for the next six years. Although he is away from Santa Clarita for months at a time, he reminded the members that he enjoys being back home.

When back in Sacramento, Smyth said he will push for tax breaks and tax incentive programs for the film industry and programs to give young students who do not want to go to college job opportunities by taking the vocational track.

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