Smyth responds to adoption of green building standards

Cameron Smyth Press Release

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R-Santa Clarita) today issued a statement following the Building Standards Commission’s adoption of the nation’s first statewide green building standards.

“The adoption of these standards is something that I’ve strongly supported during my time in Sacramento,” Smyth said. “The proposal that was adopted by the Building Standards Commission is nearly identical to my AB 2144 from 2008, which would have established the California Green Building Program to provide a non-monetary incentive for companies building in this state to design and build more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.”

“These standards offer the best of both worlds by being both strong enough to make substantial improvements in our state’s environment, yet attainable enough that compliance will not cause economic hardship,” said Smyth. “The voluntary tiering system is critical because it will allow new and untried concepts the opportunity to have any bugs worked out before being made mandatory, which is important to keep the economic impact of the regulations to a minimum.”

Rex Hime, President, and CEO of the California Business Properties Association, shared Assemblyman Smyth’s excitement over the new standards.

“I commend Governor Schwarzenegger for once again proving he has the mettle to champion critical environmental protection measures,” said Hime. “By maximizing energy resources, slashing water consumption, and reducing waste in every building Statewide, California’s communities will be models of green construction practices.”

“Assemblyman Smyth’s leadership on this issue must also be recognized. Two years ago he wrote the first bill to encourage and recognize builders that go ‘above and beyond’ the code with sustainability measures. Persistence has paid off, and it is now law.”

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