Smyth’s Valencia Office Helps Locals With State Problems

Cameron Smyth News

Not just an input center, Assemblyman Smyth’s District Office helps guide constituents through state agencies.

Yesterday evening, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth officially cut the ribbon on his District Office, located on Valencia Blvd. Of course, the office has been open since Smyth took the helm of the district, but due to a very busy legislative session, this was the first chance for Smyth and his staff to welcome the public.

The evening was hosted by the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce as well as the United Chambers of Commerce, which were representing other chambers in Smyth’s district.

Both Smyth’s district staff and his capitol staff were on hand. Those from Sacramento took the opportunity to spend a few days touring the district to better understand the people and the geography of the area. “It’s better for us to have that experience to actually see what the district looks like, to talk to the people. For the last 6 months, we’ve been up in Sacramento and its all been theoretical and now, we’re actually seeing it…and that’s really important for us,” said Kevin O’Neill, who is Cameron Smyth’s Chief of Staff.

Smyth’s district office also serves a unique role. His staff serves to help constituents with state-related issues. Often times the state system is a difficult one to navigate, however, Smyth’s staff is there to help. “People who have problems with state agencies or state issues should feel free to come to my office and work with my staff to help get those problems resolved,” said Assemblyman Smyth. “Really the staff is a liaison between the constituents and the State.”