The Talk of Santa Clarita: Episode 41 Cameron Smyth

Cameron Smyth Commentary

Cameron Smyth is well known throughout Santa Clarita as a former member of the City Council and more recently as a member of the California State Assembly. After serving several years as an Assemblyperson, he has decided to make an attempt at returning to local government and is a candidate for city council for the election in November.

I had never met Cameron before doing this interview but he has a demeanor about him that makes you immediately feel welcome when speaking with him. He was enthusiastic about doing the interview and even expressed that it was “fun” after we finished.

He was open, honest and frank about his beliefs on the issues that are affecting Santa Clarita. He strikes me as optimistic and hopeful about Santa Clarita’s future. In a lot of ways, he is the ideal candidate for city council. He is experienced, young, a family man who also commutes to his current job. In a lot of ways, Cameron already represents what most Santa Claritians deal with every day.

But then, Cameron is also unique. As he explains in this podcast, he got into politics at a very young age resulting in him becoming the youngest person to ever serve on the city council. From there, his career moved forward at a rapid rate, having been elected to state assembly after serving only six years on the city council.

I enjoyed speaking with him although we did reach a disagreement on his views of homelessness in Santa Clarita. In full disclosure, I worked for a homeless shelter for several years so I have a certain amount of sensitivity toward the issue. But what I found interesting about that point in the discussion is Cameron isn’t just a good talker, he’s a good listener as well. He is smart and willing to listen to other viewpoints before making a decision. Which I think may just be a key secret to all of his success.

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