What defines Smyth

Cameron Smyth Commentary

By Brian Koegle

The time has finally come! On Tuesday, we all head to the polls to vote for the future of this country, this state and this community.

While many politicians tend to promise the world and deliver less than what is expected, few follow through on their promises and stand up for what they know is right.

Here in Santa Clarita, our local Assemblyman Cameron Smyth is one of those politicians who has followed through on his commitments.

For those who don’t know him, Smyth is the son of a local family dedicated to this community. He has a tremendous personal history of service in the SCV, which includes service to a number of local nonprofit organizations, including the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the Special Olympics, the Betty Ferguson Foundation, the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project and the Santa Clarita Valley Jaycees.

Additionally, Smyth has spent most of his adult life serving the Santa Clarita community as a civil servant. After returning to his hometown after completing college, Smyth served as the deputy chief of staff for former state Sen. Pete Knight.

Following through
From there, Smyth became a councilman for the city of Santa Clarita, where he faithfully served for eight years. During his time in office as a councilman, Smyth was named the mayor of the city twice.
In 2006, Smyth was elected to the California 38th Assembly District, where he ran on the platform that he would remain true to his roots, to support the community that he loves so much and to fight for the issues important to the residents of the SCV.

Unlike many other politicians, Smyth followed through.

In his first term as an Assemblyman — from the minority party, no less — Smyth successfully advocated on behalf of the residents of 38th Assembly District and negotiated passage of a number of bills, including bills that significantly reduce human trafficking (AB 1278), provide greater access for handicapped individuals (SB 1698) and encourage the use of alternative energy sources through solar panels (AB 1892).
However, one of Smyth’s most notable accomplishments during his highly successful first term was the passage of the Surrogate Stalker Act (AB 534) earlier this year.

Smyth’s proposal for this new law was prompted by an outcry from a number of concerned SCV residents over the unwelcome presence of self-proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan. Smyth listened, acted and made a difference in the lives of every parent in this community and in the state concerned about the welfare and protection of our children.

A father of two young boys, Smyth saw the need to protect children from the threat of those with an intention to harm the young for their own twisted pleasure. After introducing the bill in late 2007, Smyth fought diligently to ensure that the bill had the support it needed to pass both the Assembly and Senate.
The bill was signed into law by the Governator and is scheduled to go “on the books” in January 2009.

As a strong proponent for alternative sources for energy and fuel, Smyth has effectively used his position on the Energy, Economy and Environment Committee to lobby for cleaner, renewable sources of energy and to develop new “green collar” jobs throughout the state.

In addition, Smyth continued to protect this district over playing partisan politics when he introduced AB 1842, a bill that would require the contaminated Rocketdyne Field Lab site to become a permanent state park and open space preserve, once it has been deemed clean.

Not willing to sell out
It’s far too rare to find a politician who isn’t willing to sell out his ideals and abandon his constituents for personal glory and fame. Smyth is one of the few good guys who has maintained his integrity and has repeatedly demonstrated his loyalty and commitment to the community where he started while also working to make the entire state of California a better place to live. Given his tremendous success as a first-term Assemblyman, I can’t wait to see what Smyth does during the next two years.

This year’s election is important on so many levels, starting here locally, and Cameron Smyth has a proven track record of working hard for this community and delivering on the promises he makes.

Those are rare attributes for any politician, which is why it is essential that we re-elect Cameron Smyth as our Assemblyman on Nov. 4.

Brian Koegle is a local attorney. His column reflects his own and not necessarily that of The Signal.